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Balloon fetish sex

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Lets start this article off with a little disclaimer by noting that everyone has their kinks. As such esx at any point in this article balloon fetish sex feel I am being disrespectful then please call me out on it. That being said, as the title suggests, we are gonna be looking at a fetish that involves balloons.

A fetish, as defined by the DSM, is an unusual sexual turn on to different paraphernalia. In a balloon fetish the person is balloon fetish sex attracted to a balloon for different reasons.

This fetish can be broken up into two different subgroups; balloon fetish sex and non-poppers. Poppers get sexual gratification sxe popping the balloon by either sitting one, squeezing, or laying with the balloon.

Feb 26, Leather or latex, high heels or handcuffs — when it comes to fetishes, "You can attach your erotic needs to just about anything," says Burlington. Jan 15, The german radio station Fritz/RBB presents: SEXTOY BALLOON! About the balloonfetish, looner, popper and what´s it all about!. Apr 13, Now I don't ever want to have sex without using balloons as a sex toy. Despite not even knowing it was a fetish or ever having a single sexual.

Some enjoy the sound while others like the way the balloon looks as it is being contorted. Non-poppers, as you could probably guess, do not like popping the balloons.

Dec 13, A woman has revealed her unusual fetish for balloons, explaining the ways she uses them as sex toys and to have sex on top of. Mar 1, Chris has a fetish for blowing up and popping balloons, something which he has enjoyed since he was a child. He has now found an online. Feb 26, Leather or latex, high heels or handcuffs — when it comes to fetishes, "You can attach your erotic needs to just about anything," says Burlington.

Their sexual gratification comes from simply being with the balloon, touching, holding them, or simply looking at. Of course there is balloon fetish sex a gray area in between, for instance some people may enjoy watching another person pop the balloon but would never themselves enjoy popping it.

Balloon fetish sex

Some people like watching the balloon pop but hate the sound and look for ways to make the balloon deflate without popping. Some people just like inflating balloons. Basically, looners balloon fetish sex healthy sexual beings who simply find their sexual pleasure in a balloon.

There are studies which look into trying to identify why they would be attracted to balloons, stating that perhaps they has good experiences with them at a young age, or that they balloon fetish sex someone they were attracted to handling balloon fetish sex and have thus linked attraction to balloons.

No body questions the origin of sexual acts like blowjobs or foreplay so why should we question this one.

“Looners”: A short Exploration of the Balloon Fetish - Psych2Go

Perhaps you feel differently. Food for thought. Along with her colleague Phil Zimbardo, she recently wrote…. Watching balloon fetish sex of your friends go through psychological distress can almost be as bad as the psychological distress.

I Wants Private Sex Balloon fetish sex

Any healthy person has some degree…. Love can be a mysterious thing.

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