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Monogamous geek relationship

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In other words, if they feel that it is the monogamous geek relationship they are born to be attracted to both sexes, how could they possible be true to themselves? This monogamou actually a really important question.

Thanks for asking, reader! First, the short answer: Yes, bisexuals can absolutely be monogamous.

Pretty poly: Why non-monogamous relationships are all the rage | The Spinoff

I know many bisexuals in committed, monogamous relationships, including marriage. He finds them both attractive, but for different reasons and in different ways.

Bisexuals are just as capable of making that sacrifice as the rest of us are. In fact, this can lead to the near-invisibility of bisexuality, because people friendly friend assume that a bi person is either gay monogamous geek relationship straight based on the person they choose to date or marry.

What fascinates me about this question is what it says about how some people mis understand what motivates gay and monogamous geek relationship people.

This is a straw man. Monogamous geek relationship no one I know is asking to act on every sexual desire they ever have; we all recognize that self-restraint is important for all of us—gay, straight, and bi.

Torn Study guide: An anonymous reader writes: Simple. So what makes this question so interesting?